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The Guitar Juice GJ-B01 has a longer bar to make it compatible with Acoustic, Electric, or Classical guitars also Mandolins and Banjos, it keeps your instruments safe with its soft protective pads. It also helps to keep you in tune and with minimal fret buzzing.

You can be lightning fast up and down the fretboard with the inverted quick-change capo handle and grip that goes up instead of DOWN and does not get in the way of your fingering hand.

Professional quality for years of use, and who can’t use extra guitar picks, so we include 5 different sizes for all styles of playing – one each .46mm, .60mm, .73mm, .96mm, 1.5mm in various colors.

The spring clamp trigger style allows you to quickly and smoothly attach it to your stringed instrument.

The hand grip has an inverted design that does not get in the way while you are performing. Designed for beginners and professionals


* Inverted handle that makes it easy to quickly adjust or remove.

* Padded bars to grip the neck delicately to protect your instrument from scratches.

* Minimal string buzzing.

* Strong tension allows compatibility with many instrument neck sizes.

* Changes the key of the song by making the tone higher and brighter.

* Made of: Aluminum alloy, plastic and rubber.

STARTER KIT: Every guitar player needs a good guitar capo and extra picks – Makes a Great Gift

1 YEAR WARRANTY: 100% Money Back Guarantee

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HIGH QUALITY SOUND and BETTER PERFORMANCE: For Professionals and Beginners alike, keeps your strings tight to the neck for low fretboard noise
FAST MOVES: Easy inverted quick-change top grip handle to quickly move up and down the guitar neck
DURABLE and STAYS IN TUNE: Strong spring and metal for long lasting years of use while helping your instrument stay in tune
FREE PICKS: 5 Free Guitar Picks various thickness and colors
100% Money Back Guarantee and Makes a Great Gift!

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