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Elixir Banjo strings are made of quality materials to deliver the most professional tone available anywhere. The combination of nickel wrapped strings and plain strings complement each other to give you a brighter more define sound that would match any other instrument in your ensemble.

That’s not all though, you’ll get the great tone you’ve come to expect from Elixir but now it will last longer too! The proprietary Polyweb treatment coats the strings of your instrument to make them sound brighter for longer. The more you play your banjo, the more gunk builds up killing your tone. Since Elixir Polyweb Banjo strings are all coated, they’ll last longer so you don’t have to change strings so often. And we all know how much of a hassle it is to change strings on a banjo, since you have to adjust the floating bridge. Keeping a banjo in tune is a hassle enough with out having your strings go dead and adding to the headache.

  • Coated with Polyweb technology so your strings last longer
  • loop ends so it fits any instrument
  • brilliant tone from the nickel wrapped/plain steel combination of strings

Elixir 11600 Light 09 / 10 / 13 / 20 / 09
Elixir 11650 Medium 10 / 12 / 16 / 23 / 10

Jeu Banjo Medium 10-23

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