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EUR 284,88

Ashbury Style A Octave Mandola
Solid spruce top with walnut body

About Ashbury Acoustic Instruments
This range has been designed with the folk guitarist firmly in mind. The Lindisfarne and Rathlin models are made in a boutique factory in Vietnam, and were designed in consultation with luthier Phil Davidson. The Rathlin guitars have solid Sitka Spruce tops, with Mahogany back & sides and Rosewood binding. The Lindisfarnes are solid Cedar and Rosecherry, both attractively understated with a handmade look and feel, they are excellent value.

Design exclusif trad folk
La sonorité excellente d’une table en massif
Composants de haute qualité
Avec une table en massif et un corps en forme de poire, c’est un choix excellent pour jouer du celtique et pour les mandolinistes qui cherche un nouveau son.
Table en épicéa massif avec corps en noyer

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets