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Ernie ball slinky has left its mark on the music scene for decades. The Ernie Ball Flatwound Bass Guitar Strings make good on that long tradition. Made with Chrome plated steel wire, wrapped around a hexagonal tin plated core, they deliver a smooth feel and a mellow tone. This is one of the warmest strings Ernie Ball makes, and last for a long time. The round wound which is made with 3 polishing steps,  makes the string smooth as a baby’s………

  • Chrome plated
  • Warm sound
  • Less finger noise
  • Smooth feel
  • Made in the USA




Type : Basse filée plat
Tirant : .045 .065 .080 .100
Divers : Faites à partir d’acier plat et chromé, enroulé autour d’un fil d’acier hexagonal spécialement trempé et plaqué d’étain.
Ces cordes génèrent un son très doux.
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